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Since 2013 Grills and Stoves has been “Authorized Distributor” of Envirofit International Ltd. within Europe.
Envirofit International Ltd. is a non-profit organisation, worldwide market leader in the field of distribution and development of Clean Cook Stoves.

Envirofit is an American organization focusing on development and production of non-food products with a low environmental impact. In cooperation with the department Energy Conversion Laboratory of the Colorado State University and Shell Foundation Envirofit has amongst others designed cooking- and barbecue systems which unite design, sustainability, quality and applicability.

Envirofit has designed the most economical, efficient and sustainable cooking- and barbecue systems thanks to its many years of experience in product development, participation in and organization of sustainable cooking projects, making use of own test centres. These cooking- and barbecue systems match with the many cooking moments in our western world. Safe cooking, fast starting- and cooking time, clean emission, few wood-, coal- or briquette consumption, smart accessories and a wonderful design form a perfect match.

Envirofit has developed very efficient cooking stoves, Plancha stove and barbecues for various fuel types.

Based on the “rocket stove” principle, wood and other biofuels are burnt. Envirofit has developed the most efficient “rocket stove”. The “rocket stove” principle is based on an optimum relationship between fire chamber and fire outlet. This fire outlet is square to the fire chamber. Thanks to optimum oxygen supply and the smoke one-way ring in the fire outlet this system is almost smokeless when the fire in the stove is burning.

By means of insulation (insulation material or air baffles) these stoves can reach a heat release of more than 3 kW. Within 30 seconds, you can bring 500 cc water to the boiling point!



doorsnede G3300 econochar 1Plancha working proces heat


coal / briquettes

These stoves are sustainable and extremely efficient. The fire chamber is made of a patented material which guarantees a long life and reflects back heat into the fire making sure no noxious fumes and gases are burnt. Temperature can be adjusted by means of an air valve.

The Envirofit coal stoves are characterized by a reduction in coals/briquettes of 50% compared with a standard/traditional cooking stove or barbecue. The fire chamber can be filled with 190 gr coals or briquettes.

This stove has a high CO-2 reduction compared to other stoves. The stoves have a low carbon monoxide emission: Carbon monoxide (CO) –29.9 g vs. 80 g baseline. It means a reduced Co impact around the stove – less dangerous for the environment.

Professional stoves

Besides the compact rocket stoves, Envirofit has developed two “professional” stoves as well. The plancha stove suitable for preparing vegetables, meat and fish. The plancha is suitable for pans as well. The cast-iron griddle will be warm in less than no-time.

The Institutional 100 lt. stove is a large rocket stove with 100 lt. pan. Perfect for catering, chefs, camping organizations, markets and events. The stove can bring 80 Ltr water to the boiling point within 50 minutes.

The main advantage of these two stoves? Gas cylinder or electric power are not required. Just some small pieces of wood!



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